Special Guests Ven. Guo Guang & Ven. Chang Wu

Open House Social
August 29, 2017
Renovations and Landscape Complete
September 15, 2017

On Sunday Sept 3rd & Monday Sept 4th we hosted the head nun from our headquarter monastery in Taiwan, Ven. Guo Guang. She was accompanied by another nun, Ven. Chang Wu, who is the director at our Dharma Drum Vancouver chapter.

On Sunday Ven. Chang Wu led a one-day retreat at the center which many of us enjoyed. Then on Monday Ven.  Guo Guang gave a special talk, “Chan View of Life” which was very well attended. At the end of the talk, Ven. Guo Guang performed the Three Jewels Refuge Ceremony for those who wished to “take the refuge” and become formally recognized as Buddhist.