Dharma Talks

Our teacher Guo Gu gives Dharma talks the first Monday of each month during regular Monday evening meeting times.

All of his talks are recorded and are made available for audio streaming.

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Talks on Loving Kindness



Talks on Vimalakirti Sutra



Commentaries on Chan Master Changlu Zongze’s (12th c.) Procedures of Seated Meditation (Zuochan yi) on August 13 and 14, 2011 at the Lido Zendo.



Talks from the Master Sheng Yen Memorial Retreat in February, 2011



“Marrow of Zen: Talks on Bodhidharma’s Two Entrances and Four Practices”, 2010



Talks on the Heart Sutra, 2009



Various Talks, 2009-2016



Guided Meditation





The chant liturgy can be downloaded here.