The purpose of the Tallahassee Chan Center (TCC) is to introduce and embody the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha as expressed in the lineages of Linji and Caodong Chan. These two lineages are united under the Dharma Drum Chan Lineage as founded by Master Sheng Yen (1930-2009).

The Dharma Drum Chan Lineage is one of the largest and most influential Chan lineages in the West. The TCC is the most active center within this lineage and in the West in general for English speakers. It offers group meditation, workshops, retreats, outreach programs, and regular lectures.

TCC is a practice place for a diverse population of people, visitors, and students guided by Guo Gu who follows in Master Sheng Yen’s style of warm heart and clear mind. Our group consists of a community of helpful, resourceful, and gentle people. All are welcome!

If you wish to be a volunteer at The Tallahassee Chan Center, please submit a completed volunteer form. Click here to sign up.