The mission of the Tallahassee Chan Center is to offer the wisdom and compassion of Chan Buddhism to everyone, irrespective of their religious belief or background.

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Our center runs almost entirely on donations and volunteers. All of our programs are open to everyone, and no fees are required to participate. For those who are able, we encourage monthly donations to cover our operating expenses so that we can continue our mission. The suggested monthly donation amounts are for participation in all of our weekly meditation programs and regular talks. Additional donations are suggested for retreats and special classes.

Each year our center holds over 50 walk-in meditation instruction nights, 24 half day meditation retreats, 12 full day meditation retreats, 5 intensive weekend or week-long retreats, and group meditation three times every week. We bring concern for the well-being of people in all walks of life, providing ongoing outreach meditation and stress reduction classes at the Kearney Center for the homeless and at the federal women’s prison. 

All of these programs are run by volunteers, even our teacher is a volunteer and receives no remuneration from regular donations.

Your monthly donations to our center go towards utilities, maintenance of our facilities including cleaning supplies and lawn service, meals for retreats and other expenses related to hosting visitors and visiting teachers for retreats, marketing materials and advertisements, insurance, office supplies, Dharma books and library supplies. You will find a breakdown of our operating expenses in the pie chart below. 

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All Donations are tax-deductible. If you wish to receive a donation receipt for your taxes please make donations on our website using the form above. In addition to monetary donations, you can donate through the gift of donating securities (stocks, mutual fund shares, ETFs and QCDs). As a donor, you receive a tax deduction and avoid capital gains on appreciation. Email us directly with the subject “Tallahassee Chan Center: Securities Transfer” at for us to assist you.

Where your giving goes
(based on 2019 expenses)

Evergreen Dharma Community

Trees on the 5 acre lot

In 2018, through generous donations from our community, the Tallahassee Chan Center acquired 5 acres of land directly behind our main campus. Currently the property has a radio tower that is being leased until July 2022, after which we plan to take it down. 

The vision for this property is to create an intergenerational community of practitioners, focusing on offering a place for second and third generation Dharma teachers who will need a place to retire. In the West in general, the elderly are hidden from sight. At the Evergreen Dharma Community, we wish to preserve our relationship with the elderly, and give them the opportunity to share their years of knowledge and experience in the Dharma with younger generations. 

Over the last year, we acquired an additional two adjacent properties to provide a place for out-of-towners to stay during intensive retreats. Your donations funded the purchase and renovations of these properties.

The next phase of this fundraiser will support additional renovations for the two residential properties and hiring a team of designers to plan and map out an all-inclusive design for the new construction in the Evergreen Community. This will include healing gardens, a tiny home community for visiting teachers and extended solitary practice, larger retreat dormitories, and senior living facilities. 

Donation Categories  Thank you Gifts
$25,000 Donation or more Engraved paver in your name placed in the healing garden
One of a kind calligraphy scroll by Guo Gu
Certificate of appreciation from TCC Board of Directors
$10,000 Donation or more One of a kind calligraphy scroll by Guo Gu
Certificate of appreciation from TCC Board of Directors
$1,000 Donation or more Certificate of appreciation from TCC Board of Directors
Small Tallahassee Chan Center Pendant  
Other Donation  Donors are welcome to specify any amount for this project.

For donations of $1,000 or more please mail a check to Tallahassee Chan Center 1310 North Paul Russell Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32301. For other donation methods (e.g. wire transfer) please contact us at