Renovations and Landscape Complete

Special Guests Ven. Guo Guang & Ven. Chang Wu
September 7, 2017
Grand Opening Celebration
October 19, 2017

The majority of the building renovations were compete in July, and over the last two months we have been working on finishing touches inside and outside.  Inside the center, Dewaine and Tina have put together custom made bookshelves for our library and interview room. Dewaine also created a tree trunk pedestal for our Guan Yin statue. Guo Gu created two calligraphy pieces that hang on either side of the statue.

Outside of the center, Dewaine and Breanna built and hand engraved two signs, one large sign close to the street and another above our front entrance. Local designer Jeannette Boyer planned and installed a new landscape around the main Chan hall building. The design has elements of a Japanese style garden, but features plants and trees that are specifically suited for our region and climate.

In the front of the building you will find a circular gravel area with a crescent moon shaped out of flagstones. Within this gravel circle are two beautiful round vessels that have flowing water running between them. This area represents the dragon’s pearl with our front patio representing the dragon’s mouth.

As you move along the sides of the building you will notice flowing areas of rock and gravel with minimal plants. The sides of the landscape represent the dragon’s arms. This area extends our walk ways towards the back of the building and create a nice path around the building for walking meditation. This landscape  is designed to expresses peace and tranquility so visitors can calm their minds as they come into the building. If you have not seen our new landscaping in person please come for a visit.