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September 15, 2017
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November 5, 2017

Abbot President Draws the Symbol for Eye Opening

On Saturday, October 14th the Abbot President Venerable Guodong from Dharma Drum Mountain Taiwan performed the consecration Eye Opening Ceremony of the Tallahassee Chan Center. We were also joined by Venerable Changduo, Secretary of the Abbot President, Venerable Changhao and Venerable Chang-Hwa from DDM New York Center.

Together Dr. Fran Berry, President of DDMBA Tallahassee Chapter, Mr. Charles Huang, DDM Fellowship of Honorary Directors in Taiwan, Abbot President Venerable Guodong of DDM in Taiwan, and Mr. Chiu Ling Wang, DDMBA Dharmapala in North America unveiled the Buddha statue. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a Dharma talk by Abbot President then a luncheon. After lunch, Abbot President gave the refuge ceremony and lay precepts. Our wonderful Dharma brothers and sisters from New York, New Jersey, California and St. Louis came to enjoy the celebrations as well.

Honored guest Venerable Meido Roshi a Rinzai Zen teacher joined us from Madison, Wisconsin. On Saturday evening Ven. Meido Roshi gave a talk about practicing in New York with Master Sheng Yen and Guo Gu 27 years ago. Recently Ven. Meido Roshi and Guo Gu were able to reconnect through the Zen Forums International online.
Leading up to the ceremony, Guo Gu gave a short history of the Tallahassee Chan Center, and then special guest Rikki Asher gave a dharma sharing about her experience first meeting Master Sheng Yen and practicing with him on retreat. The day after the ceremony special guest Narayan Liebenson shared her experience practicing with Master Sheng Yen for many years and then becoming a Vipassana teacher.
On the final night of the celebrations, Ven. Chang-Hwa, Ven. Meido Moore Roshi and Guo Gu had a group discussions night and answered questions about practice.
During their stay, our guests enjoyed several field trips with picnics and special dinners. Day trips included a boat tour of Wakulla Springs and a walking tour of the Marianna Caverns. Lucy Ho provided a vegetarian dinner buffet at Masa.