Our Volunteer Community

Grand Opening Celebration
October 19, 2017
5-Day First Intensive Retreat at New Center
January 1, 2018

Derek, Sally, Maria, and Fran planting kale and broccoli

We are grateful for the community of volunteers who support our center. Over the last several weeks we held volunteer days where our many community members came to help get our center ready for our grand opening.

At the end of September volunteers cleaned up our landscaping that was littered with debris from Hurricane Irma.

At the beginning of October, volunteers painted the exterior of our two smaller buildings to match the main Chan hall building. While others stuffed so many new mats and cushions so that we will always have plenty for meditation and talks.
Finally, at the end of October, volunteers setup our new vegetable garden behind our kitchen building. Now we will be able to harvest fresh produce from our back yard for meals on retreat.