Haiku Party

Beginner’s Mind Weekend Retreat
February 5, 2018
Special Talk “Pain and Meditation” by Janette Arispe
March 15, 2018

The “haiku party” facilitated by Ms. Nishida Umejo was a great success and everyone had fun writing and sharing their haikus. Ms. Nishida started by sharing the history, form, and spirit of haiku. This was followed by a twenty-minute session of haiku writing. All the participants went outside and observed the Center’s natural environment and all came up with at least two haikus. Everyone’s haikus were truly creative and amazing. Guo Gu and Ms Nishida commented how there are so many talents in our sangha! After the session, everyone socialized over tea and cookies and then shared their haikus, which were anonymously circulated. The two haikus below had the most number of votes by the participants:

Blossoms on the grass
Would be fleeting if not
For the child’s eye!

~ By Svetlana Pevnitskaya

Fresh soft gentle mound
Ancient pines stand silent watch
Cold earth warmed by sun.

~ By Lorinne Myatt

The events ended with socializing and sharing of experiences.