Please see our Fall retreat schedule below. Some retreats are held by Guo Gu outside of the Tallahassee Chan Center.

By participating in a meditation retreat, one can engage in focused practice, challenge oneself, and gain heightened awareness of one’s internal states.

Retreat/Event Date Location Registration Link
One Day Retreat Sun. Dec 17, 2023
Tallahassee Chan Center Registration
7-Day Intensive Chan Retreat by Guo Gu Tues. Dec 26, 2023 – Tues. January 02, 2024 Tallahassee Chan Center Registration

For the half day and one day retreats at the Tallahassee Chan Center: we strongly encourage retreat registration ahead of time. If you typically join us for Sunday morning meditations, please feel free to join the retreat at 9:30am and meditate with everyone until 11am. To review retreat etiquette for those in-person, please go here. We will also send preparatory information for home retreat practice to those accepted.