No talking, reading, writing, texting, sending emails, making phone calls, using various electronic devices, receiving guests, or interpersonal communication of any kind.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is prohibited.

Community Spirit

Stay together with the group practice and remain on the Center’s premises for the entire retreat. Heed all the instructions of the teacher and supervisors, and notify them if you need to be excused.


Follow the set schedule and be on time for all activities. Do not shower before the morning wake-up call or after lights out time. Monitors will wake you in the morning; do not use an alarm clock.

Mindful Work Practice

Help keep our indoor environment clean and tidy, including your personal sitting meditation place and bedroom. Engage in a task to clean up our environment responsibly and learn to work with mindfulness wholeheartedly to integrate practice beyond the cushions.


To conserve resources, turn off lights and water when not in use. When outdoors, be wary of fire ants and keep out of the tall grass. Stay on the mowed grass areas.


Walk and move with gentleness and full awareness. Be light, unhurried, and at ease. Help create an environment suitable for group meditation.


Wear modest and appropriate clothing, namely loose and comfortable clothes with neutral colors. Do not use perfumes, colognes, or cosmetics.

ATTENTION: Those who neglect these guidelines in a way which is disruptive to the retreat will be given a warning. Those who cause serious disruption to the retreat will be asked to leave.