The World of Chan group is an online forum for people around the world interested in Chan Buddhism. Its purpose is to foster connections and discussion about Chan practice and study.

In light of such purpose, we ask that members adhere to the following principles and guidelines, and express our gratitude in advance. The act of engaging mindfully and gently with the group is in itself a form of practice that fosters a harmonious atmosphere for all.

Principle 1: Content should be related to Chan practice and our community

This is a forum to share about the practice of Chan. It is not a place to discuss philosophy unrelated to Chan or philosophical critiques of Buddhism. We welcome discussion that is beneficial and helpful for others.

Examples of appropriate material include discussing experience with various methods, asking questions, raising issues of interest to Buddhists, and fostering community and generosity.

If you have a question about whether something would be appropriate, or to advertise events unrelated to the Tallahassee Chan Center, do not hesitate to reach out to an admin.

Principle 2: Engage in discussion with respect and politeness

Keep messages and discussion respectful and polite.  Remember the principles of right speech.

Please harmonize with the community and follow the conversation, including guidance from admins. Share from your own experience, using “I” statements, understanding that others may have different experiences. This is a forum for group discussion, not to advance individual positions or views, or to critique others or Buddhism/Chan in general. We encourage respectful questions about specific situations that are pertinent to your practice and related to the topic at hand.

Please refrain from interacting in ways that would be divisive, hurtful, or derail the conversation. Examples include advancing strong political or philosophical views; making offensive jokes; engaging in racist, sexist, or hateful speech; using vulgar language; or sharing adult material.

Principle 3: Use the tools of this forum with respect for others

In all interaction, be respectful of other people’s privacy, time, and boundaries.

Please keep personal information of other members private. This includes names, profile pictures, and phone numbers associated with Whatsapp accounts.  It may also include information a person posts about themselves that is not intended for the general public.

Remember that participants come from all over the world and are in different time zones.  People may be posting during your nighttime, and therefore you may wish to turn off notifications if the alerts would bother you.

You can use the Search function to look for prior posts on a topic if you want to know what has been shared already.

Principle 4: These principles are flexible; use them with wisdom

The admin of this forum is Nick Noronha Rosenbaum.

If you believe that someone has failed to adhere to the principles or guidelines for this group, please contact an admin and let them handle the situation rather than trying to enforce the rules directly.

These guidelines are always open to discussion and amendment.  Please raise any questions or comments with an admin in a direct message.