Sunday, March 21, 10am – 3pm EST




“It would be difficult to overstate the benefits I’ve felt from attending TCC’s retreats. Retreat practice has helped me to realize that contentment and freedom from stress are right here, in the body, accessible in the here and now.” – Matt










“Retreats are truly life changing, they have shown me “Me” in very profound ways. On all the retreats I’ve been on it‘s as if I’m seeing myself for the first time, true liberation over and over again.” – Dekya








“Intensive retreat has profoundly impacted my life. Facing the challenges of retreat helped me to embrace when things go wrong in daily life. Now when unexpected difficulty presents itself, I don’t feel the stress and aversion that used to come up. I can look at these challenges as something else to work through and realize that they will eventually change. I no longer internalize dread or get upset about them.” Aaron






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