Online Retreat Etiquette


No talking, reading, writing, texting, sending emails, making phone calls, using various electronic devices, receiving guests, or interpersonal communication of any kind. Kindly inform people you live with to not engage in discussion during the day.

Cell Phones and Internet Usage

Cell phone and internet use is prohibited during retreats. During the day, please keep your cell phone off and in a separate location from your sitting area. During breaks, do not use the internet. Your laptop or computer should only have the Zoom client open until the conclusion.


Set up your meditation area before the retreat starts. For tips, please see the section on “Cushions” on our meditation guide:


Walk and move with gentleness and full awareness. Be light, unhurried, and at ease throughout the day.


For one-day or longer retreats, plan out your meals beforehand for the 1 hour lunch break, or even have them ready to pull out of the fridge.