The Vimalakīrti Sūtra is one of the most creative exposition of Mahāyāna teachings on nonduality, emptiness, and expedient means. In this scripture, the protagonist Vimalakīrti engages with the Buddha’s disciples and bodhisattva in ways that have inspired the Chan teachings of “extemporaneous dialogs,” “turning words,” and ultimately “gong’ans” (koans). Guo Gu will teach the significance of the Vimalakīrti Sūtra, highlighting all the lessons for Chan bodhisattva practitioners.

This course consists of nine Friday evenings: Mar 1, 8; April 5, 12, 19; May 3, 10, 17, 24, from 7:30-9pm. All are encouraged to commit to all nine classes.

$150 suggested donations, including the text for the course. Registration deadline is February 21st. Use the form below to register.