• Relax and enjoy the present moment.
  • Be gentle in your movements, and stay within your own physical limitations.
  • Use kind words and speak in low voice.
  • Be considerate for self and others.


  • Arrive early to get settled or receive instructions on meditation. The front door will be locked when events start. Wait in the porch to join the next sitting period if you arrive late.
  • Turn off your cellphones and remove noisy jewelry in the center.
  • Avoid using perfume or strong scented products in the center.
  • Be responsible for your belongings and valuables.
  • Be still during sittings—try not to move too much. If you must, relaxingly and quietly move once.
  • Walk in a clock-wise direction in the Chan Hall. Enter and exit the Chan Hall on the left door.
  • Exit only after­­ the sitting, exercises, or walking meditation is over.


  • Avoid harm of any kind to self and others.
  • Cultivate all virtues.
  • Support all beings without attachment.