The Tallahassee Chan Center (TCC) is a non-profit, spiritual home for residents of the Tallahassee, Florida area and increasingly to non-Tallahassee residents, an important Chan community in the Southeastern United States, and in the West in general. It is the fruition of the our founding teacher Guo Gu’s relationship with his teacher Master Sheng Yen, and the beginning of new expressions of Chan Buddhism in the West so that the transmission of Chan may continue into the future. The mission of the Tallahassee Chan Center is to offer the wisdom and compassion of Chan Buddhism to everyone, irrespective of their religious belief or background. Our center runs almost entirely on donations and volunteers. All of our programs are open to everyone, and no fees are required to participate.

This year we are encouraging donations to the center starting on Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. The drive will end on December 31, 2021. These donations will primarily be used to support our programming. We will also be giving a portion to the FL Children’s Home Society and the Kearney Homeless Shelter, organizations we have supported for a decade. You can participate by making a one-time donation, or enroll in a monthly donation plan which automatically donates from your credit card account. As a token of your appreciation, we offer gifts for certain monetary donations. This year we offer newly designed Tallahassee Chan Center T-shirts and vinyl bumper stickers.

Giving is the root of blessing and joy. It is an opportunity to learn gratitude and humbleness. We encourage you to support this opportunity to practice.