February Master Sheng Yen Beginner’s Mind Retreat

Led by Guo Gu

The Beginner’s Mind Retreat is our annual memorial retreat in honor to Guo Gu’s teacher, Master Sheng Yen.

This retreat has a beginner-friendly schedule, and consists of alternate periods of sitting meditation and standing and sitting yoga. The workshops include the art of sitting, the art of seeing, the art of listening, the art of questioning, and the art of sharing. The art of listening, for example, trains us for the practice of deep listening, an opening of ourselves for others. The art of questioning is a practice of deeply exploring within ourselves the question of who we are. These workshops lie at the center of this retreat. The sitting periods allow us to settle and still our minds to absorb the lessons learned. Vegetarian meals will be provided.

Retreat Dates: Friday February 04 (6:30pm ET) – Sunday, February 6th (3:00pm ET)

Registration Deadline: Registration is Now Closed

Suggested Donatons:
(In-Person Slots are now Waitlist Only)
Supported $150
Regular $195
Sustaining $240
Online Participant $95

The retreat schedule can be found here.

Tallahassee Chan Center
1310 North Paul Russell Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32301

The Tallahassee Chan Center has a limited number of beds reserved for retreatants in gender-separated housing. Please make a note in your application if you wish to stay on site. We also have camping grounds for those who wish to stay on the 5-acre lot. If you wish to stay at the center before and/or after the retreat, please email us to make arrangements.

COVID-19 Protocol: All in-person retreatants and volunteers will be mandated to be fully immunized for COVID-19 prior to acceptance and be required to sign a waiver beforehand.

Please review our in-person retreat etiquette here.

The online retreat will follow the same schedule as the in-person retreatants through Zoom. We will have break out rooms to accompany certain workshops (for example, in the Art of Listening).

Please review our online retreat etiquette here.

The first of the six paramitas is the practice of generosity, dana. Among the paramitas, generosity can be the easiest to fulfill; one can reap immediate benefits from it.

Registration is Now Closed

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Option 2: If you cannot make any monetary donation at this moment, we have scholarships available. Please download this form, complete it, and email it to tallahassee.chan@gmail.com with the title “Option 2 February 2022 Retreat”.