Buddha’s Birthday Celebration on May 9

Saturday, May 9th, the center will host our second Vesak or Buddha’s Birthday Celebration – this time online on Zoom at 11:00AM EDT. There will be a dharma talk by Guo Gu, followed by chanting, storytelling, poetry sharing, and dharma social. We look forward to seeing you!

Traditionally Vesak in the Chinese Buddhist tradition is on April 8th in the lunar calendar. This year, in the Gregorian calendar, it falls on May 7th. The significance of Vesak is to commemorate the Buddha’s birth, awakening, and parinirvana. It is a reminder of our true nature. Buddha means “awake.” The Vesak celebration consists of offering of flowers and showering of a baby Buddha statue. The offering of flowers signify the adornment of awakening; the showing of the baby buddha statue symbolizes the purification of our minds to revealing our true awakened nature.

Please RSVP with your email here to receive your Zoom link.

20 min. Dharma Talk by Guo Gu
20 min. Chanting (1)
20 min. Bathing the Baby Buddha
20 min. Dharma Sharing
05 min. Merit Transfer
20 min. Zoom Social

(1) The link to the Vesak Celebration liturgy can be found here.